Friday, March 19, 2010

Revising the testing standard

A set of e-mail exchanges between ASHRAE and the current BACnet chair, Dave Robin, on wich I cc'ed, tipped me off to the fact that a new version of the BACnet testing standard, ASHRAE Standard 135.1-2009, is about to go to publication.

There isn't really a llot to say about 135.1-2009 except that it has incorporated a set of miscellaneous changes (one or two which may have been my proposed changed), things such as:

- Load Control object tests

- Testing new and required alarm services error returns

- A fix to acknowledging offnormal alarms

- Conditionally omitting some test provisions

- Changes to Group object functionality tests, and

- Labeling conditionally writable properties in the EPICS

It also updates references to the clauses in the BACnet standard from the 2004 version to the 2008 (ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2008), per the BACnet committee's goal of publishing updated versions of the testing standard the year after the BACnet standard is itself updated.

A small list and pretty dry stuff, especially when compared to the wild and wooly BACnet standard itself, but it's work somebody has to do. And there are some of us* in the BTL-WG doing it: a lot more changes are in the pipeline.

* Though lately I've not been able to do much. Smart Grid teleconferences are conflicting with this groups -- though yesterday when a lack of conflict meant I was all ready to re-engage the BTL-WG... that teleconference was canceled due to technical problems!

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