Thursday, July 22, 2010

Return to Atlanta

The long-awaited (well, for three weeks now) announcement of the kickoff meeting of ASHRAE/SPC 201 finally came out yesterday morning. My concern that it might overlap with my vacation plans over the July/August weekend was for nothing; it will be at the end of August.

I'm sure a noon starting time is good for folks on the East coast, and maybe in the Midwest, so they can fly in in the morning, stay one night, and fly home the following afternoon. Those of us out West won't have it so easy -- but then again the meeting in Albuquerque was convenient for us. So it's okay; I can sleep in in the morning. IF I can sleep in. It will be helpful for West-coasters who get jetlagged by a three-hour shift, though.

But the good news is that I will FINALLY get to see ASHRAE headquarters, and their new building to boot. I've been to Atlanta more times than I can count, but I've always relied on MARTA to get around and ASHRAE is some distance away -- and not convenient to get to by bus. But this trip I will have a car.

The folks at ASHRAE say traffic in Atlanta is pretty bad. Could it be worse than Seattle's parking lot freeways? From 1996 until 2001 Kathy and I took a weekly evening foreign-language class in Seattle itself, just 10 miles to the west. But we quit when the ever-worsening trip got up to an hour on average, peaking at almost two hours. Who knows what it's like now, 9 years later?

So. Three upcoming trips to Atlanta:

- SPC 201 kickoff meeting (will there be more?),

- Plugfest, which I expect will be in Atlanta, and

- BACnet Committee fall interim meeting at Georgia Tech.

Hm. Follower Pam (over there on the right) seems to be connected to things Atlanta and some of her links could be promising: "Fred's Beer Page," for example, and "Everything Midtown Atlanta," but "The Single Gal's Guide" I think I'll pass up. I'm not single and I'm not a gal.


  1. All this time and you've never been here to visit us? Glad it finally worked out!

  2. That's right -- all that time. But this time...