Thursday, July 8, 2010

It really is cave-like

I'd been meaning to update the appearance of this blog for some time now, but there were always more pressing things to do and I didn't want to put in the possibly necessary time for experimentation to get it to where I want. But the latter issue went away when I changed the appearance of another blog. (I'm running three blogs right now: definitely one too many but one is by its very nature short-lived and will come to full stop in early August.)

The two changes were to get the logo into the header and to add a picture of the BAC Cave as it is in real life -- a nice, cool, dark interior office. Now that my tripod is repaired I need to take another photo and get the colors right, though this is close. The required exposure for this shot was something like 1/3 to 1 second at f3.5, which might tell you how dark the BAC Cave really is. (If I need more light I can turn on lights under the cabinets behind me.)

I'm surely using more energy (at least in summer, and right now with with heat wave reaching above 80F/27C) getting the temperature down to my comfort zone of 20C/69F than I save by not using the horrid fluorescent overhead lamps, but isn't increased productivity the real goal?

And besides, until folks such as my American boss walk right up to the door of the BAC Cave they can't tell if it is occupied or not. Maybe fewer disruptions. (Sorry, Alex, or maybe not! Ernst, not a problem for you.)

(It's been suggested around the office that I should buy "BAC CAR" vanity plates for my car. I think that's going a bit far.)

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