Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Smart Grid activities threaten to overwhelm everything else. Three hours today on the weekly North American Energy Standards Board "PAP10" teleconference alone, Building 2 Grid, e-mails with documents from and about the Energy Information Standards Alliance, the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, the current formation of ASHRAE committee SPC 201, "Facility Smart Grid Information Model," and more.

At least the BACnet world is fairly quiet right now.

Although I did accept a request yesterday morning to edit a document produced by BIG-EU. Their English is quite excellent but they wanted a native-speaker to look it over because it will be used by BACnet International too. Funny though that we kept running into to same traps with the term "accreditation" and related concepts that they tell me that they wrestle with in German.

Took more time than I had intended, but it's off to them for another round tomorrow, before I leave for yet another short vacation -- 5 days away.

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