Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meeting's end

The joint Executive Board - Advisory Committee meeting was exceptionally small this time for some reason. Since the BIG-EU office had reserved a rather small conference room for this meeting I know it wasn't the snow (which was nothing like that which plagued the U.S. East Coast -- but it's looking like the light flurries in Paris might be all I will see of it this winter).

Still, we had a pretty full agenda to plow through and plow we did, with discussions ranging from officers' reports, potential Executive Board changes (interim and at the upcoming Annual Meeting in September), reports on the various European national BACnet Interest Groups, appoint of a liaison to the BACnet Committee to replace now-retired René Quirighetti (those will be hard shoes to fill), and a number of other internal matters.

Last and not least was the location of the next meeting. I was not the only one to bring a spouse to tour afterwards, and in that light the meeting was moved from little Zug to larger Lucerne -- many more opportunities for sight-seeing and shopping.

Unfortunately (as usual) I did not escape this meeting without a somewhat difficult work assignment with a fairly short deadline. Oh well.

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