Monday, February 8, 2010

Live from Paris!

Well, not quite, actually. It's a little difficult to live-blog meetings; one should be careful in what one reports, especially if there is a chance of getting it wrong or misquoting someone. The actual record needs to come from the secretary.

But one can report from the BIG-EU meetings yesterday ("yesterday" in Paris, the blog entry will still say Monday) of the WG-Technique (techical work group) and WG-M (marketing), that it doesn't seem advantageous to conduct a European plugfest (interoperability workshop) this year, between the regular biennial events, last held in 2009 and next in 2011. (Maybe as well for me; it has been suggested I speak at a conference in London about the time that the plugfest would have been scheduled.)

In a joint meeting of the two working groups, a new Liaision and alternate have been elected to represent BIG-EU to the BACnet committee, to replace René Quirighetti who recently retired after well over a decade's service in this and other positions in BIG-EU and CEN/TC 247. Congratulations, K_ and C_!

In the joint meeting the next meeting was announced, Sep. 20 and 21 in Zug, Switzerland. Finally I might get to see Zug!

Coming up today (Tuesday), the meeting of the Executive & Advisory Boards of BIG-EU. More later, and probably not live...

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