Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Show's over (and Awards announcement)

At least for me -- said my goodbyes, headed to the airport and am now doing what I do best: waiting to board the flight home.

BACnet International's Leader of the Pack Awards were announced as follows:

St. Bernard: KMC
Rottweiler: Grant Wichenko
German Shepherd: Dave Robin
Labrador: David Fisher
Jack Russel Terrier: ALC
Howler: Tom Hoffman (?my hurried scrawl is hard to read, will double-check later)
Foxhound: Carrier
Alpha Dog: Mike Wilson

And last but not least:
Best of Show: All the BACnet volunteers who make it happen.

Now my plane is about to board. Later...

Update 10/07: Grant Wichenko (left) receiving his well-deserved Rottweiler Award from BACnet International president Andy McMillan. Congratulations!

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