Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tough week

I'm in a training class this week, and have to say it's not an easy go. There is a tremendous amount of material to absorb in four very full days before The Test, and between that and a battle with the state legislature (trying to keep some legislators from making an expensive mistake -- I read bills much like I do BACnet change proposals: what can go worng???), there isn't much left over. I might get to my work email in the evenings but that's about it; by 4 PM I've been approaching "dead in the water."

On the other hand I think I am "done" with Olympia for the week, or maybe they're "done" with me, so now I can focus more on the class.

The class material is fascinating. I've long had one perspective on solving certain building automation issues, and now I am seeing a second -- similarities and differences.

I'll be back when my brain clears...


  1. Ummm... the brain fog should've cleared by now, my Bacnet Guru. :) Hope things are going well. - Kevin (your Tridium instructor/enter-trainer)

  2. BTW, I'm working on some additional materials that I think you would find fascinating - presents content in more contextual terms at a broader level. It's the educator in me I guess that compels me to do such things.

    I've completed grading the previous class's exams and am now moving on to your class. Adventures await in Niagara. - Kevin