Monday, January 31, 2011

Las Vegas Wrapup - Published

The winter BACnet meetings have come to an end (the Smart Grid meetings continue), after 4-1/2 days and the committee chair now has a boatload of new work on his plate, processing documents approved or revised by, or submitted to, the committee -- not to mention trying to get BACnet-2010 published.

We received a report during the meeting that four new addenda have been approved by ASHRAE for publication. These are:

Addendum ab: MS/TP Baud Rates

Addendum ac: Using BACnet "Date" and "Time"

Addendum ag: BBMD B'cast Storms, and trend-related BIBBs

Addendum ah: Remove ReadPropertyConditional service

If you're developing BACnet devices that use the MS/TP LAN, use BACnet "Date" and "Time" for anything, use "Annex J" BACnet/IP, or are contemplating using the ReadPropertyConditional service, you should read these when they're published.

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