Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slave proxy

Yesterday there was a short exchange on the BACNET-L e-mail list about the slave discovery mechanisms (Clause 12.11.41, Auto_Slave_Discover) used for proxying I-Ams for MS/TP slave devices. If implemented incautiously, such a mechanism could use 100% of MS/TP bandwidth for a minute while it polled for unknown new slaves. The recommendation that a mechanism for turning on the search capability when the LAN is (re-)configured seems a reasonable one, and perhaps someone (Thomas? Leeds?) should submit a proposal for this.

For my part I remain an abolitionist, and wish we could get rid of the slaves. As I noted here months ago, it takes little additional code and memory to implement a master. JMHO

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  1. It's sounding more and more like it's time for "MS/TP II" which would be world without slaves as well as all of the other great things we've been talking about.